DrainageVideo Inspections

Our state of the art, high definition video snake scope is over 200ft long and can fit in drain lines as small as 1-1/2″ if you are experiencing plumbing issues, drainage issues, foul odors, or any other drain related issues, there is no way to know what it is, where it is, or even what the problem could be. No one has special X-Ray vision to see through the concrete, through the ground, and into the dirt to be able to say “Your main sewer line has failed due to root intrusion” unfortunately that is not possible. This is why we own and operate several sewer cameras.

Sewer Scope


With this high tech equipment, we can drop into your plumbing system from any entry point, whether it’s the vent stack on your roof or we pull a toilet and go down the drain there, it doesn’t matter, all we have to do is gain access, and professionally run the sewer camera, this camera will display a live feed, back to our wireless device, display an HD live video feed that is being transmitted through wi-fi and to our device. One of the coolest features that set our video inspection equipment apart from the rest, is that this wireless signal can be picked up on any device, multiple devices all at the same time. This means that mean-while we are professionally watching and diagnosing your plumbing issue through our device you can be watching from your laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, or any other device that has wi-fi capabilities.

We are now able to dissect your issue at hand, or if you are buying a new property we can inspect the plumbing drainage system and confirm that there are no issues before you purchase the home and find yourself in a very bad situation. If you do have a problematic area that needs to be found, exposed, and repaired, our sewer camera has a built-in sonde device that communicates to our locator wand. We use this to pinpoint the area in question and we are able to mark this spot with-in inches of accuracy. Once our work is complete you receive a professionally written report by a licensed plumber, and we also supply you with a copy of the footage/recording from your inspection, it is sent electronically which allows for easy, storage, sending, and receiving!

So never pay too much for a sewer repair, never purchase a new property, never let a plumber secretly video camera your sewer lines and not show you the screen, ever again! Hire Drain Mechanics the Plumbing & Septic Specialists to perform your video inspection, the entire project is transparent and you never have to doubt what has been done or what has been found again.

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