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"Save Our Indian River Lagoon Program"

Upgrade Your Septic Or Connect To City Sewer FOR FREE

Let's all work together to Save Our Lagoon & in the commission of doing so you can add value to your home, upgrade or convert your system, all without coming out of pocket!
Drain Mechanics is approved through Brevard County so you don't have to front a bunch of your money and then later apply to get reimbursed. You spend zero upfront, and zero at the end. We will apply for us to be reimbursed after.
Well, you wouldn't, but you certainly can, you will just have to pay for everything upfront and out of pocket, and while the contractors are paid and on their way, you are left holding the torch and applying to the County for reimbursement.

ATU Septic UpgradeBetter System, Better Environment

Upgrade your conventional system to an aerobic treatment unit, adding value to your home and limiting your pollution output

Septic Tank AbandonmentEliminate Your Septic Tank(s) & Never Need A Pump Out Again

When converting from a septic system to city sewer, a plumbing contractor is needed for the plumbing portion of this process, you will also need a septic contractor for the septic portion of this process, with Drain Mechanics you do not have to worry about this because we are a Plumbing & Septic Contractor. Your one stop shop!

Septic To SewerNo More Septic Limitations & Requirements

Convert from onsite septic to municipal sewer, adding value to your home and stopping your pollution output

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