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We are a full new construction plumbing company. We handle all types of commercial and residential new builds. Residential housing from single-family homes to high scale custom homes on beach side, we have completed entire subdivisions and apartments, condos, and duplexes. Whether your building for your family or for your investment Drain Mechanics offers high-quality plumbing construction. Commercial warehousing, large-scale developments, water treatment plants, medical facilities, restaurants, and any other business building.


We are a full-service plumbing company, offering same-day, sometimes same-hour service for all of your residential, commercial, or industrial needs. We have a large fleet, heavy equipment, and all the specialty tools needed to take care of the jobs that come our way. We use the right tools to get the job done fast and efficiently, this allows for you to get your home or business back up and running promptly. We are fully diversified and trained in all aspects, no job is too big or too small. If you have a simple leak like a running toilet or a large sophisticated plumbing line that has collapsed, it doesn’t matter. Additions, remodels, renovations, problem-solving and troubleshooting, Drain Mechanics is equipped and ready to have your back!


Drain MechanicsToday's Plumber

Drain Mechanics is Today's Plumber. We are a contemporaneous plumbing company, we use all the latest technology to provide you with the highest level of revolutionary service available in today's vast and growing construction market.

Count On Us

We are your reliable, and trusted plumbing specialist. Your home or business is important but so is your time. We are looking forward to becoming your regular plumber, we can handle all of your upcoming plumbing projects or problems, we can manage and schedule your maintenance, so you do not have to remember to do it or worry about missing it. We will call you and let you know when it is time for your routine maintenance, so you can get back to what really matters in life.

Trustworthy, Reliable Plumbers

Saving Our Customers Money, Time, and Water!
Homes Have Leaks
Home Have Cast Iron
Homes Have Polybutylene
Homes Clog Each Year
All Plumbing Big & Small
Ready To Roll 24/7
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We Are Brevard County's Plumbing & Septic Specialist

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Residential Plumbing Services, This includes service and new construction, remodels and renovations, and all other plumbing in your home, rental property, or timeshare. All the water that comes in or out of your property is our specialty.


Commercial Plumbing Services. Service repairs, new construction, maintenance, and large build-outs. Large storm drains, parking lot drains, apartment buildings, medical and specialty buildings. All of these uniquely larger businesses require a special skill set, heavy machinery, and other perks that we have on standby, ready to repair, maintain, or install.

Water Heaters

We install, service, and maintain water heaters of all shapes and sizes. We have experience and knowledge working on all types of heaters ranging from gas, electric, tank-typed, tankless, hybrid, solar and so much more! We even work on water heater components like recirculating systems, solar-driven systems, aqua-stats, expansion tanks/valves, and much more!


We can provide and install fixtures for all aspects of your plumbing system. If you’re having issues with one of your fixtures we can repair them, replace them and even upgrade them. This includes toilets, showers, tubs, faucets, hose bibs, valves, disposers, sinks, drains, assembly’s and so much more! We have access to large showrooms where you can sit down with a specialist and pick out what best fits your needs and wants.


Piping comes in many different sizes and materials. All of the different, colors, styles, materials, and sizes make a big difference in the role of that pipe or pipes. We are certified and experienced to work with all types of plumbing piping. Whether we are installing a new system, or working on a really old system that is made up of a piping type that isn’t used in today’s plumbing systems, we still work on them, we still repair them. These pipes can range from plastic, PVC, copper, galvanized, polyethylene, terracotta, Orangeburg, PEX, CPVC, Uponor, brass, black iron, CSST, cast iron, polybutylene, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and so much more!

Lavatories - Kitchens - Compartments
Goose Necks - Laminar Flow - Vessels
Tubs & Showers
Bath Tubs - Roman Tubs - Walk-In's
Claw Foot - Showers - Roll In's
Gate Valves - Angle Stops - Hose Bibs
Check Valves - Solenoids - Ball Valves
Water Closets
Wall Hung - Floor Mount - Urinals
Bidets - ADA Compliant - Waterless

Why Choose Drain Mechanics

Your Plumbing is Important To Us, Let Us Take The Burden Off Of You

Leak Specialist

We repair all leaks no matter the size.
Pipe leaks, fixture leaks, valve leaks,
water heater leaks, any and all leaks

Clog Specialist

We are equipped with all of the specialty
tools and machinery to quickly and
efficiently clear any drain that is backed up.

Custom Plumbing Specialist

We specialize in custom plumbing.
Water parks, custom showers, unusual
fixtures, unique designs and more.

Large Commercial Drainage

We are also equipped for large commercial projects that include storm drains, large surface water drains, and water extraction solutions by means of plumbing. Parking lots and infrastructures dealing with nuisance water from storms or sewers can benefit from larger piping. We can install large street gutters and even simple linear drains for your residential needs. We can provide and install detention tanks inside your property to hold runoff in heavy rains and restrict outlet flow to the public systems.


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