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plumber-palm bay-plumbing services drain mechanicsLooking for a plumber in Palm Bay? Drain Mechanics is Brevard County’s Plumbing and Drain Specialist. If water runs through it…..WE DO IT!!  And because plumbing problems aren’t limited to a 9 to 5 schedule, neither are we.  Our highly trained technicians and fully equipped trucks are ready to roll 24/7 if necessary and that includes weekends and holidays.

Whether it’s installation of a new service or piece of equipment, or the repair of an existing system or equipment, Drain Mechanics is the “go to” plumbing specialist for both residential and commercial applications in Palm Bay, Florida and Brevard County.

Plumbing Services - Installation and Repair

Your home or business is a complex system of pipes, drains, valves and fittings that must all work in concert to deliver water and water services essential to the enjoyment of your property or the day-to-day functions of your business.  Sometimes things go wrong.  Some of the most common problems we are skilled at detecting and repairing are low water pressure issues, noisy pipes or faucets, slow draining, water spots or stains on floorboards or walls and discolored water—all signs that something is wrong.

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Drain Mechanics - Capable, Courteous, Competent

At Drain Mechanics, we strongly subscribe to the three C’s of Customer Service:  Capable, Courteous, Competent.  When you pick up the phone because you’ve got a plumbing problem you want to be confident the firm you invite into your home or business has the mathematical skills to take accurate measurements for parts and repairs—and do so in a cost-effective manner to save you money, time and future headaches.  As a client you expect our technicians to be good listeners and communicators—fully understanding your needs with the ability to explain to you in plain English what needs to be done, the best way to go about it and the experience to suggest the perfect materials or application to remedy what is wrong.  Good plumbers need good game plans and roadmaps.  Ours are skilled in reading and following blueprints so we know how to determine where pipes and equipment need to go.


Bathroom Plumbing Services


Many plumbing problems originate in perhaps the most important room in the house—the bathroom.  Water heater leaking?  Our technicians have versatile experience in both installation and repair with all types, including traditional Electric, Gas, LP, Natural Gas and even Tankless.  Toilets, faucets, sinks, tubs, and showers are our specialty, including professional installation and trouble-free repairs. 

Kitchen Plumbing Services


When it comes to kitchen functions, Drain Mechanics is well versed in the installation and repair of critical components such as water filtration lines, ice lines, drain cleaning, garbage disposals, all types of leaks.  And when it comes to clogs, slow drains, backed up bathrooms or kitchens, or even a main line stoppage, they don’t call us Brevard’s Drain Specialist for no reason!

Exterior Plumbing Services


When you need plumbing services for the exterior of your home or business, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and tackle any type of installation or repair including drains, sewer work, Hose Bibs, residential and commercial basket strainers, drain cleaning and clothes washer boxes.  We can even complete repairs on your leaky irrigation system that could be costing you unnecessarily high water bills.

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Plumbing Materials and Processes

Plumbing materials and repair processes have evolved over the years.  Whether your home or business is brand new, or was built 60 years ago, we have experience in working with all types of piping materials, including Cast Iron, CPVC, PVC, ABS, PEX, POLY, CSST, PE, Galvanized, Copper, Uponor—pretty much anything under the Sun, or better yet, anything under the sink or house.  A phone call to Drain Mechanics comes with the peace of mind of hiring true professionals.  We go above and beyond the call by providing not only the right parts and service for your plumbing problems, but the right respect for you as well.


Our expert plumbing team is available 24 hours a day to assist you with emergencies. Click the arrow to call us now.

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Plumbers Who Respect Your Time

Our Palm Bay plumbing team has respect for your time.  We will be on time and if something out of the ordinary happens, we will call you and keep you updated on our arrival.

Plumbers Who Respect Your Home

We have respect for your home and business.  We conduct our evaluations and repairs in the cleanest and neatest way possible to minimize any adverse impact on your home or business.


Thank you Josh and company for excellent service. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss the issue and proving me with options to fix it. My fixture is working better than before and the price was excellent!
P Light
P Light
02:32 20 Dec 17
Our store is in Palm Bay and we need things to operate properly 100% of the time. Problems do happen. We are very happy we were referred to Drain Mechanics. They quickly found the source of the problem, fixed it and got us back up and running on no time. Thanks guys!
Dripped Out Vapers
Dripped Out Vapers
02:36 20 Dec 17
I would give 10 stars if I could!! Prompt, efficient and reasonable. I was so very happy with the job!!! Started off 2018 in such a positive way.
Angela DiBiase
Angela DiBiase
23:42 14 Jan 18
I was referred to Drain Mechanics from a colleague. Made an appointment with Josh for this early this morning. On time arrival, quick fix and further diagnosis of the issue for a very fair price. Will certainly contact again for any future needs.
Vic DeSantis
Vic DeSantis
18:26 27 Dec 17
Josh arrived in agreed window, discussed assessment of the problem (insinkerator) leaking) and replaced it with new insinerator. We will call Josh for any future plumbing issues.
Patrick Buckley
Patrick Buckley
03:08 09 Jan 18
Great experience and great service. Came out so fast and was so helpful...highly recommend
Brendan Mcgrath
Brendan Mcgrath
22:29 30 Jan 18
Called drain mechanics to fix a leaking toilet. They were super fast getting to my house. The service tech was pleasant, funny and helpful. He kept me informed about what was happening the whole time. Repair was fast and reasonably priced. I will definitely call them If I ever need a plumber.
thomas iorizzo
thomas iorizzo
19:23 17 Feb 18
Jack Beuth
Jack Beuth
19:55 26 Feb 18
I had a leak in the floor of my grandsons room. I had another company come out and they quoted me $7000 to chip up the tile flooring and re pipe the broken one. I called Drain Mechanics and they sent out a technician within an hour. The technician used a video camera and was able to detect exactly were the leak was. They were able to re pipe around the house instead of tearing up my flooring and I saved $5000. I highly recommend Drain Mechanics! They were able to fix it the same day and not inconvience my grandsons bedroom.
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison
01:13 10 Mar 18
I just had a small plumbing repair, but they were fast, on time, priced fairly, great customer service and unlike most companies these days they didn't try to sell me a bunch of things I didn't need. 5 Stars!!
Clarissa Canal
Clarissa Canal
16:28 12 Mar 18
Called the top 4 plumbers that popped up in my google search which listed late hours. This was the only company to give me a call back, and the return call back was within a few mins. The service was wonderful, honest, and fast. He actually took the time to understand my issue, didn’t waste my time, or his, on ways to run my bill up. I’ll definitely use this company in any future plumbing needs.
Rebecca Ross
Rebecca Ross
22:24 06 Apr 18
Talked over the phone to determine if i had a problem. He was busy! but was still honest and respectful and gave me the time to explain. WOW. Come to find out my water heater needed time to heat...called him back and thanked him for atleast giving me the time of day! its the little things that make a huge impact for a company like this!🏆
Jasmin lugo
Jasmin lugo
00:58 19 Apr 18

Satisfaction Guarantee

plumbing palm bay-service guarantee-drain mechanicsDrain Mechanics technicians arrive fully prepared with the necessary tools and materials to correct your suspected problems.  And we’ll be happy to show you our credentials that guarantee you we are fully licensed, bonded and insured.  When we analyze your service or repair needs you won’t get some “ballpark” figure as to costs.  Drain Mechanics will provide you with a clearly detailed estimate of both materials and labor anticipated for the job. 

Payment Options

For the convenience of our customers, we offer credit card, debit card, cash and check payment options as well an invoicing with e-mail option.  We also offer discounts to all Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and Fire Department employees.

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