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Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen Plumbing Services - Palm Bay & Brevard County

Nothing can disrupt a family’s daily routine faster than plumbing problems in the kitchen.  Fixing kitchen plumbing issues is where Drain Mechanics excels.  Some typical issues that may require the services of a skilled plumber often involve kitchen sinks and faucets, garbage disposals, dishwashers, ice lines, basket strainers and even the call for snaking or Auger-Rooting.

Leaky kitchen faucets usually require repair or replacement of ceramic cartridges or change-out of O-ring seals.  Left unattended or unrepaired, they can lead to water damage, especially if you have wooden kitchen cabinets.  Mold can become an issue as well and create a whole other set of health hazards in a very important room in your home.  Whether it’s drain and trap problems under the sunk, balky or non-functioning garbage disposals, or leaks in your refrigerator ice lines or home water filtration system, there’s only so much do-it-yourselfers can fix without the right tools, experience and ability to troubleshoot little problems before they become disruptive ones.  The #1 problem homeowners call plumbers for is clogged drains.  And as our name implies, we are the drain specialists.

Dishwasher leaking and causing quite the noisy racket?  It could be a dishwasher part that needs to be repaired or a connection issue leading to a leak.  A little leak here, a little drip, drip, drip from the kitchen sink there and pretty soon you’re talking serious money lost in skyrocketing water bills and expensive repair costs by ignoring the problem or attempting to solve it with band-aids and paper clips.

 Contemplating installing a new sink but not sure if you should tackle the job yourself?  Take a look under your current kitchen sink and chances are you will see a maze of pipes, traps, connections and fittings.  When it comes to kitchen plumbing repair or installation, our experts can tackle any challenge that deals with drains, clogs, leaks, or water pressure issues.  Drain Mechanics is excellent at repair and replacement of faulty basket strainers, too.  Even commercial ones.

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Bathroom Plumbing

Palm Bay Bathroom Plumbing by Drain Mechanics

Many plumbing problems originate in perhaps the most important room in the house—the bathroom.  Water heater leaking?  Our technicians have versatile experience in both installation and repair with all types, including traditional Electric, Gas, LP, Natural Gas and even Tankless.  Toilets, faucets, sinks, tubs, and showers are our specialty, including professional installation and trouble-free repairs. 

Exterior Plumbing Services


When you need plumbing services for the exterior of your home or business, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and tackle any type of installation or repair including drains, sewer work, Hose Bibs, residential and commercial basket strainers, drain cleaning and clothes washer boxes.  We can even complete repairs on your leaky irrigation system that could be costing you unnecessarily high water bills.

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