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Exterior Plumbing

Exterior Plumbing Services - Palm Bay & Brevard County

Your kitchen and bathrooms are not the only places where you may need the services of qualified, competent, plumbing professionals.  Drain Mechanics is equipped to deal with exterior plumbing challenges that may range from sewage problems, to main water lines, to exterior faucet maintenance, even sprinkler system repairs.

Your main water line is obviously critical to the safe and healthy use of all aspects of your water and sewer system in and around your home.  And main lines are nothing to toy with.  In 2017 the national average to repair a water main was just north of $800, with the typical range of repair costs running between $350-$1,300 and in some cases, getting very pricey at close to $3,000.

Likewise, Drain Mechanics are specialists with drain issues that could be causing sewage blockage in your home—the important aspect of your plumbing infrastructure that removes everything you flush down the toilet and sink that makes its way through pipes, drains and traps outside and underground.  We can detect, locate and repair sewage issues that could compromise your entire home or businesses’ plumbing system.

We also are skilled at the repair of pool area plumbing fixtures as well as hose bibs, those pesky connections that supply water to your outdoor plumbing fixtures and are often sensitive to outdoor weather elements, particularly extreme cold and freezing.  We also have solid experience in outdoor sprinkler system repair and water pump replacement as well.  If water flows through it, we do it.  And that includes the repair of any type of outdoor leaks that are commonly caused by burst pipes which are susceptible to damage from tree roots and worn out or damaged casings and pipe joints.

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Explore Our Other Plumbing Services

Bathroom Plumbing

Palm Bay Bathroom Plumbing by Drain Mechanics

Many plumbing problems originate in perhaps the most important room in the house—the bathroom.  Water heater leaking?  Our technicians have versatile experience in both installation and repair with all types, including traditional Electric, Gas, LP, Natural Gas and even Tankless.  Toilets, faucets, sinks, tubs, and showers are our specialty, including professional installation and trouble-free repairs. 

Kitchen Plumbing Services

Drain Mechanics Palm Bay Kitchen Plumbing

When it comes to kitchen functions, Drain Mechanics is well versed in the installation and repair of critical components such as water filtration lines, ice lines, drain cleaning, garbage disposals, all types of leaks.  And when it comes to clogs, slow drains, backed up bathrooms or kitchens, or even a main line stoppage, they don’t call us Brevard’s Drain Specialist for no reason!

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