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Bathroom Plumbing Services

Many plumbing problems occur in one of the most important rooms in your home—the bathroom.  When it comes to bathroom plumbing, Drain Mechanics has the expertise to handle the four most common bathroom problems and more.  If your castle is experiencing any of these four typical problems, your solution is just a phone call away:

  • Slows drains-often a sign of accumulated pipe and drain debris.
  • Low water pressure-usually affects both your hot and cold water supply and is often caused by problems with your bathroom faucet aeration.
  • Faucet drip-that annoying drip, drip, drip that sometimes seems loud enough to keep you awake at night.  Over time a consistent faucet drip can add up to significant dollars wasted in your monthly water bill.  Drain Mechanics has the know how to track down what are often broken valve and poor drainage issues that can lead to high water pressure, normally the cause of dripping faucets.
  • Knocking pipes-does it sound like there’s a steel band banging away inside your walls when you shower?  Knocking pipes in the bathroom is often associated with high water pressure issues caused by shifting or movement or bending in your pipes and drains—and is often an indication there may be bigger problems brewing.  Drain Mechanics has the experience, equipment and knowledge to detect and fix small problems BEFORE they become big, expensive problems.

Nothing is right in the bathroom when the “throne” won’t flush tight.  Drain Mechanics’ professionals are trained to detect and fix some of the most frequent plumbing problems associated with toilets.  From weak flushing to strong but partial flushing, to low water bowl return levels, slow tank refills, dripping tanks and more.  And we have the tools and resources for detect and remedy those suction sounds you may have coming from the bathroom tub and sink as well.  From all types of bathroom plumbing repairs to total remodels, we do it all.  That’s our motto:  “If water runs through it, we do it!”

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Kitchen Plumbing Services

Drain Mechanics Palm Bay Kitchen Plumbing

When it comes to kitchen functions, Drain Mechanics is well versed in the installation and repair of critical components such as water filtration lines, ice lines, drain cleaning, garbage disposals, all types of leaks.  And when it comes to clogs, slow drains, backed up bathrooms or kitchens, or even a main line stoppage, they don’t call us Brevard’s Drain Specialist for no reason!

Exterior Plumbing Services


When you need plumbing services for the exterior of your home or business, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and tackle any type of installation or repair including drains, sewer work, Hose Bibs, residential and commercial basket strainers, drain cleaning and clothes washer boxes.  We can even complete repairs on your leaky irrigation system that could be costing you unnecessarily high water bills.

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